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Scott cycling shoes review for men and women

Scott cycling shoes for men and women 

   Are you a cyclist looking for some reliable, comfortable, and stylish cycling shoes? Then you've come to the right place. I was very excited when I first heard about Scott Cycling Shoes because they're designed by the people who make Specialized shoes. The concept behind Scott Cycling Shoes is simple: make cycling shoes that are as flexible as normal shoes yet strong enough to handle your daily commute (or weekend ride), ideal for recreational riding and even competition racing.

Scott Road Team Boa Shoes

Scott Road Team Boa cycling Shoes

  • The uppers of Scott's Road Team Boa sneakers provide a snug fit without any pinching or hot places, making them incredibly comfortable. The soles are absolutely adequate for a variety of road riding, with an emphasis on comfort over performance, but they lack the stiffness of carbon alternatives - and you can purchase carbon-soled shoes for less.
  • Extreme comfort meets rigidity. We created the SCOTT Vertec BOA shoe for aspiring racers and performance-driven riders. The Vertec BOA's significant pedalling reaction and great efficiency don't come at the expense of comfort with to its microfiber upper and BOA Fit System reel for a micro-adjustable performance fit. The shoe can be customized to fit every rider's foot thanks to an ErgoLogic changeable footbed and a wider range of cleat adjustment.

  • Very comfortable
  • Outsole: Outsole: Nylon / Glass Fiber Composite, Sticki Rubber / Stiffness Index 8
  • Upper: Synthetic Polyurethane, 3D Airmesh
  • Closure: BOA
  • ErgoLogic removable insole

  • expensive

  • The Boa system is also effective, despite being slightly misaligned with the tongue. When tightening, the lace frequently became tangled in the seam, but it was simple to flick it over. The uppers are tightened evenly and completely, and any modifications can be made quickly while wearing them by fully releasing the dial and re-tightening it.
  • The shoes also contain a single Velcro strap in addition to the Boa lacing system.
  • A Boa lacing system and adjustable insoles, two features typically found on much more expensive shoes, were added by Scott.
  • The uppers are a combination of synthetic polyurethane and 3D Airmesh, with plenty of ventilation holes (and one on the sole, under the toes). I found the shoes sufficiently breathable in recent conditions. Admittedly, we're hardly having a great summer
  • The outside sole is made of a nylon/glass fiber composite, which isn't as stiff as carbon. This difference may be felt while pushing through a climb, sprinting, or giving it some welly. While riding, I couldn't feel the cleats, which is a downside of less expensive composite soles and may lead to hotspots. They received an 8 out of 10 on Scott's stiffness scale.
  • Only three bolts are used for cleats, and there are numerous marks to aid with cleat placement.
  • The thick, gripping rubbers at the heel and toe appear to be highly durable.